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FULL SERVICE *Grab one was $250.00 now $125.00

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This service features all the (GENERAL SERVICE) items as above, but also includes: Wheels trued & spokes tensioned, bearings replaced & re-greased. Bottom bracket checked for rotation without play, stripped & re-greased if possible or new unit. brake mechanisms checked for smooth operation - if necessary stripped cleaned & reassembled. Brake cables stripped & replaced, v- brakes balanced. New brake blocks fitted if required. Gears adjusted & checked for perfect function, cables stripped & replaced. Head set stripped & re-greased or replaced as necessary, stem removed & greased. Disc brakes - Clean rotors - Pressure bleed system - Face disc mounts.

* Please note: Replacing worn or damaged parts incur no extra labour charge to fit on this Full Service

On most of the Full Services we will have to fit new Brake and Gear inners and outers due to complete strip down of the Bike.

Please be advised approx cost is $80

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