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Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform

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Since their inception, bike trainers have set out to solve one problem: simulating outdoor riding, indoors. Then came smart trainers and indoor cycling apps, complete with virtual races, group rides and controlled workouts. Suddenly athletes across disciplines were eager to ride indoors. 

The indoor training renaissance isn’t over. To make the experience even better, and to harness all the benefits riding indoors has to offer, you need a way to stay comfortable and engaged.

The MP1 Nfinity
Side-to-side movement isn’t new, but it also doesn’t capture the natural movement you experience outdoors. The MP1 with Nfinity technology truly moves the way you do because it adds the fore/aft axis to the equation.

The MP1 combines over 20 years of indoor training expertise to not only create the movement platform category – but to perfect it. The result is an unparalleled trainer platform that reimagines the indoor trainer experience altogether.

Introducing Nfinity Technology
In order to bring stationary cycling to life, the MP1 needed movement in multiple axes. The result is an innovative technology combining curves, axes, gravity physics and mechanical ingenuity. The MP1 is the only way to experience this revolutionary technology. Compatible with Nearly Any Bike Trainer

If you can experience the freedom of movement indoors, then why limit access with trainer compatibility? We believe that anyone with a bike trainer that fits should be able to tap into the benefits of Saris Nfinity Technology via a ride on the MP1 – which is pretty much everyone. So grab your trainer and check our bike trainer fit guide. 

Increased Comfort
Riding a bike indoors can be uncomfortable because your movement is typically limited by the trainer. Pressure mapping and motion capture technology shows the MP1 significantly alleviates saddle and foot pressure compared to riding a static trainer.

Recruit More Muscles
It’s true that adding your trainer of choice to the MP1 engages more muscles than a stationary ride. From engaging the upper body to get through sticky spots to activating smaller, key muscles to stay balanced, the MP1 is the only way to recruit large and small muscle groups while riding inside.

Adjustable Touch Points
The MP1 is compatible with a wide range of setups. Complete with adjustable touch points and well-placed grip tape, the MP1 platform can be used with nearly every indoor bike trainer and training footprint.

Looks Good, Too
The MP1 looks as good as it moves. The platform deck is made from beautiful birch, while steel sourced from America’s heartland ensures the MP1 can handle the hardest of efforts. 

For the most cohesive aesthetic, the MP1 is the cornerstone of the Saris trainer eco-system, complete with the trainer desk and smart trainer of choice.

It’s Fun, Pure and Simple
Our goal was to make the time spent indoors as enjoyable as possible. The movement platform not only enhances the indoor cycling experience, the MP1 with Nfinity Technology brings indoor training to life. 

Product Features

  • Nfinity Technology: revolutionary tech that brings movement indoors.
  • Movement for All: compatible with a variety of training configurations; bikes, desks and nearly every trainer available.
  • Trailblazing: the MP1 ushers in a type of riding never seen or felt before.
  • Pure Fun: a responsive, immersive and authentic training experience that’s anything but boring.
  • Get Comfortable: reduces pressure on touch points so you can put in the miles.
  • Eye-Catching: mix of steel, aluminum and birch compliment most training spaces.
  • Personalized Ecosystem: put the MP1 at the center with your trainer of choice to create your ideal training station.

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