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Employment Opportunities

Part Time Sales Person Required

Sales Experience Requirements: Previous Sales experience is required, weekend work is also required.​ If this is for you send us your CV or drop off at Store. Or ask a question below using our contact form.

Bicycle Mechanic

​Description: A bicycle mechanic services and repairs bicycles.

Tasks and Duties:

  • assembles new bicycles that are delivered to the bicycle shop
  • checks bicycles before they go on sale
  • services and repairs bicycles brought in by customers
  • may be responsible for updating and maintaining stock such as bicycle parts and accessories
  • may be involved in sales work and general shop duties such as answering the phone, serving customers and opening the shop.

Skills: A good Bicycle mechanic need good problem-solving skills to repair bicycles and good communication skills to deal with customers. They need organisational skills to manage their day, as they may have to combine mechanic duties with shop duties.

Knowledge: A bicycle mechanic needs to know how bicycles work, and how to repair and service them.

Personal Qualities: Mechanics need to have a pleasant, outgoing personality to deal effectively with customers. They should have patience and the ability to work well under pressure.

Physical Requirements: Bicycle mechanics need to be good at working with their hands and they need to have good hand-eye co-ordination to carry out servicing and repairing duties. They should be able to stand all day on the shop or workshop floor.​

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