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5 Month upgrade Service ( Loyalty Customers Only )

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This Service is for only previous Loyalty customers who have been emailed for a FREE upgrade offer.General Service was $80.00 now $40.00 includes the following: Wheels checked for loose spokes, rims inspected for damage & dents, dents removed if possible. Bottom bracket checked for rotation without play, stripped & re-greased if possible. Brakes checked for worn cables and pads, levers & cables lubed if needed Brakes checked for secure fitting, brake pads adjusted to hit the rim & avoid the tyre. Tyres inspected for cuts, embedded objects & lack of tread, tubes inflated to correct pressure. Steering checked for free movement without play, bars stem & saddle checked for correct fitting. Chain checked for correct tension, Sprockets inspected for excessive wear. Gears adjusted for best possible function, cables, derailleurs & shift levers inspected for wear

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