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Basil - Portland Front Carrier Basket
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Basil - Portland Front Carrier Basket

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The Basil Portland Front Carrier High is a vintage style carrier in eye-catching aluminium, suitable for use with various bags from the Basil Portland collection. In addition to bags from this range, this carrier will accommodate similarly sized and shaped bags with ease. At the front end is a removable strap that helps keep your chosen bag or basket in place during journeys. The carrier has a maximum load capacity of 10kg and is suitable for attachment to 26,27.5" and 700c bike frames. The Front Carrier High from the Basil Portland range sports rounded edges for an eye-catching finish, with easy attachment that requires minimal fuss and no complex tools. This carrier also allows you to attach a lamp to enhance visibility in the dark. What’s more, the front support is bolstered by a front fork bracket, suitable for 12/13mm axles.


  • Lamp mounting is possible with this carrier.
  • Removable belt strap for extra support.
  • Suitable for 26",27.5" and 700c bikes.
  • Stylish vintage look.
  • Max load 10kg.
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