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Tubolito Inner Tubes
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Tubolito Inner Tubes

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Tubolito combines the innovative high-tech thermoplastic material with a newly developed production technology. Seams are reduced to a minimum and remaining seams are overlapped broadly. The result is a unique, high-quality product - as if made from a single mould. Tubolito tubes made of high-tech thermoplastic material can withstand twice the forces of standard tubes. The material can be stretched more than four times, which provides maximum protection against breakdowns. To test the tube, a 0.75 mm mandrel travels at a defined speed through a pre-drilled hole in the sheath. Tyre pressure is 2.0 bar. The force and the distance to the blowout are recorded. Tubolito is clearly convincing here: the puncture resistance is twice as high as that of standard tubes an at a significantly lighter weight than standard butyl tubes.

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